We need to change Education Paradigms (Ken Robinson)

Me, Myself and Eli

I have seen a very interesting video that talks about the actual Education Systems we have. Ken Robinson, born in Liverpool, is an international advisor on education in the arts.

These are the most interesting points for me:

  • Divergent Thinking is the ability to think of multiple possible answers to a question. When we are at Kindergarten we have a 98% genius level at this ability!!! As long as we grow and go through the education process, this level dicreses.
  • Technology has changed and Society along with it: Mobiles, hundreds of TV channels, Internet, etc. We are living in the most intense stimulated period of our history. If a child nowadays, gets bored at the old fashioned school, we medicate him/her as we say he/she has an Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)!!!
  • Another interesting point is when he compares the Education System to the Industrialisation model: Factory lines…

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