La escuela que yo quiero (soñar no cuesta nada…)

La escuela que yo quiero (soñar no cuesta nada…).

Standards Are Expectations of Learning



Many ed reformers who are not experienced educators don’t understand that The Common Core State Standards are cognitive goals and expectations of student learning or «growth».

The Standards demand a fixed set of cognitive skills that must be learned and acquired by every student each school year, and these skills are not simply bestowed or imparted by teachers.

Our students are not standardized, they possess a wide range of cognitive capabilities and disabilities. These abilities and skills do not emerge and «blossom» at the same rate and in the same way.

Unfortunately, the extra academic assistance and support services that our schools and teachers provide for struggling students, may not be enough to compensate for the absence of learning after school hours.

Many students living in poverty begin their schooling lagging far behind in basic skills and vocabulary development. Many do not participate in after school enrichment activities and informal learning experiences during the summer and other breaks that help…

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What Makes A Good Teacher?

What Makes A Good Teacher?.

Teachers are like gardeners

Teachers are like gardeners.

Common Core: A Matter of Perspective

Common Core: A Matter of Perspective.

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