School culture determines blended-learning success


When you were at school, you may have agreed with so many current students that ‘seeing your friends’ was by far the most significant positive about school. This has been said to me in numerous schools of all types. These same schools all claim to have modern blended-learning environments (real+online). So, why has the internet and millions of dollars in technology around the world seemingly made little difference to the significance of learning at school?

Blended LearningIncreased achievement thanks to the opportunities offered by mixing on-line and off-line learning hangs on one important point – a mindset that allows these opportunities to flourish. What the internet doesn’t change, is the feeling you are doing someone else’s work. If a school culture expects teachers to drive all learning and make decisions about what, how, and when things take place, then the internet and technology in general are only viewed as an extra…

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